croatia: hvar/stipanska, carpe diem beach

Last summer my boyfriend and I spent the best part of three weeks travelling around Croatia, taking in Hvar, Korçula, Dubrovnik, Braç and Split. I thought I'd do a short series of posts on the trip, as it was one of my favourite holidays and it's a beautiful country.

One of my favourite days during our time in Hvar, was when we took a boat out to the nearby tiny island of Stipanska, that is completely monopolised by the one beach bar, Carpe Diem Beach. A sister establishment to Carpe Diem bar in Hvar istelf, it has a similar pretentious-glamour vibe and similarly high prices, but, oh wow, does it feel worth every penny and more.

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Couches and chill out areas are spread amongst the shade of the trees, there are a couple of bars, a cute little plunge pool and a chilled out soundtrack, all combining to create one of the nicest and coolest places I've ever been to. We picked sun-loungers right by the waters edge, so as we sunbathed we were able to gaze out to the most beautiful, bluest sea and watch as wealthy types meandered up to shore in their chartered yachts. We had come by taxi boat, which are inexpensive and leave frequently from the main harbour of Hvar town and take about ten minutes to reach the island.

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Revlon 'Minted' toes.

After a few hours of baking in the sun we took shade and refuge in the bar-restaurant area. Raised padded platforms for lounging upon replace traditional chairs, and tiny little wooden tray tables are where you rest your drinks. By this point, we were both starving and dehydrated and I wanted to order everything off the menu, in particular, a selection of the delicious sounding cocktails. Unfortunately, in an effort to save money for the rest of the trip, we had brought the bare minimum with us, and left the majority of our Kuna in the hostel.

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New Look beach dress, UO sunnies.

We had enough for a smoothie each, and even though they were the most delicious smoothies I have ever tasted, we forced ourselves to drink them excruciatingly slowly, just so we could spend more time in the bar. Eventually, after having exhausted both smoothie and wallet, we traipsed back to the pier, tail between our legs, to catch a boat back to Hvar, sad to be leaving and kicking ourselves for not bringing more cash.


It really is the one place in Hvar I would recommend above all others, but take a fair amount of cash - you'll want to spend it. It is still affordable on a budget - the taxi boat to get there is fairly cheap and food and drinks prices aren't extortionate, going by British standards, but if you are on a budget, this will be one of your more 'extravagant' days, but it's well worth it. The atmosphere and surroundings are so incredible you will want to spend your money and time here. I couldn't recommend Carpe Diem Beach enough!

P.S. The website makes it look like a seedy night club, which I guess it may be at night - I only went during the day, so I wouldn't know. But as a beach bar, it's perfect.


  1. Wow, amazing photos.. I've never been to a place like that! Looks great :)

    - Indie by Heart

  2. So beautiful, looks like you're having a fantastic time. Hope you get a great tan! ;)


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  4. Amazing photos, I never been in Croatia, it def in my travel list now.


  5. I was in Croatia in 2006! Soo beautiful! your pics look like you had such a fun time!

    love from San Francisco,

  6. That looks like the most beautiful place, and love your beach hair, perfect!

  7. So pretty!

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  8. Love these photos. This place must be magnificent!!
    It seems like you had an awesome time. So happy for you!
    Love your hair.