back to school wishlist

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topshop coat
topshop shoes

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  john lewis weekend collection handbag
american apparel graphic tee

It's been a long time since I've done legitimate 'back to school' shopping, but I don't think I've forgotten anything important. Coat to keep me warm during break time in the playground, new school shoes, school bag big enough to fit all my books and t-shirt for PE lessons... or for self expression during detention. 

Back to school shopping was always my favourite kind of shopping trip. Fraught with arguments with my mother over heel heights and skirt lengths, it was often a tense battle of wills, but the inevitable compromise would have me itching to get back in the classroom to show off my new wares. Nowadays, though it's been five years since I left school, every time August rolls around I still find myself gravitating towards large black bags, every day coats (well, sort of) and inappropriate shoes, because, well some things never change.

I'm not in need of any new coats, shirts or shoes at the moment, but I am back to uni in a matter of weeks, so I think I may just have to treat myself to that beautiful bag. It comes in red too for the more adventurous among us. 


  1. cool picks, and that tee is amazing, school does suck.
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. That coat is amazing and I love the shoes, they're gorgeous :) xx

  3. absolutely love that bag!


  4. These are cute items. The fur coat looks great!

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  5. That bag is amazing. Please treat yourself and then let me live vicariously through you, hahaha.

    Ava Tallulah