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Some pictures I've been poring over lately, taken from my Pinterest which you can follow here. Will I ever have enough of big hats, Olsen twin vibes, grungy hair and colourful locations? It's doubtful.

If you haven't tried Pinterest yet, you should give it a go. It's incredibly addictive, and the perfect place to store all your inspirations, from fashion to decor to travel destinations and motivational quotes. Be warned though, it's so addictive you'll soon find yourself pinning everything and anything for hours.

For the fashion focused among us, I've also recently been obsessed with Fashiolista. You can find and follow me here. It's a great place to get lost in your wardrobe of dreams, hitting the 'love' button on everything you wish you were wearing right now. I apologise for the copious amounts of black, leather, point toes, black, black and more black on my profile.... 

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