the emergency make-up bag

Spontaneity is great.

Saying a big fat 'Yes!' to opportunities that spring up is often how we end up having the most exciting and fun days and nights.

But sometimes you're left in a bit of a make-up pickle.

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You've been out all day and suddenly find yourself meeting friends for impromptu drinks, with patchy, worn off eyeliner and pesky under eye circles re-emerging from beneath their layer of concealer. Sometimes a quiet night in turns into a big night out, or sometimes you just decide to crash at a friend's house instead of rushing off early for the last train home, leaving you make-up-less in the morning. Whilst I'd never let a fading face of make-up, or fear of heading home bare-faced the next day prevent me from doing these things, I do occasionally feel a tiny twinge of dread and find myself wishing I had more make-up with me, just for that little confidence boost. More often than not, I only have a few lipsticks floating in the bottom of my handbag, which definitely won't do anything to hide those under eye circles.

I'm never going to be the type of girl that carries around a full bag of make-up. For one thing, it's unnecessary and for another, it's damn heavy. I wanted to come up with a one-stop-emergency-make-up-shop for those spontaneous parties and bleary mornings after, that was light enough and small enough to carry with me at all times. Just in case!

This is what I've come up with:

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The cute little tartan make-up bag is from the MAC A Tartan Tale 2010 holiday collection, that I adored, of course, as I'm Scottish. It's small, slim and just the right size for my emergency essential products.

 photo P1120016_zps586e3e5d.jpg

Face: Remember this is the emergency make-up bag, so I've kept it paired right back to Collection's well adored (but poorly packaged) Lasting Perfection Concealer to camouflage those dark circles, blemishes and areas of redness and YSL's Voile de Blush in number 3. Don't be scared to blend out your concealer so it covers more of your face; this is an emergency after all. I tend to concentrate on my under eye area, any blemishes, my nose and chin and blend out as far as the product will go. The YSL gel blush is not so much a blush as a very pretty, very sheer sheen. It doesn't really add any colour, but acts as a highlighter and adds some much needed life and radiance to the face after you've been burning the midnight oil. Plus, it's applied best with fingers, which is ideal for keeping size and weight down in this little emergency handbag kit.

 photo P1120018_zps964a9dda.jpg

Eyes: All you ladies with beautiful, naturally dark lashes, I am outrageously jealous of you. My lashes are blonde and I just can't get away without mascara; my eyes end up being so undefined they disappear into my skull, making me look like some kind of overgrown naked mole rat. I've chosen Maybelline Great Lash because it's a really good, everyday, affordable mascara and it's pretty petite. I've slipped in a Gosh Brow Pen 002 Venetian Brown because if you need to create a bold look in a hurry, a strong brow can just about do that for you; a well done brow will frame your face and really draw attention to your eyes. This is super easy to apply and pretty long-lasting too.

 photo P1120019_zps2a61c0fe.jpg

For eyeshadow, I've gone for Maybelline's 24Hr Colour Tattoo 65 Pink Gold because it looks really pretty just worn alone, blended out over the lid with your fingers, and it has a lovely brightening effect: perfect if you're looking a little fatigued after a hard day's work or a hard night's partying. For a little more drama, I've popped in Rimmel's Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick 003 Bad Girl Bronze. This is a seriously good product. It's really easy to apply, easy to blend, is waterproof and lasts forever. Seriously, it doesn't budge. I'll blend this over the top of the Colour Tattoo, in the outer corners, crease and a little under the eye too, just for a little bit of smokey drama. Again, all this is done with my fingers, to minimise bulk and weight.

 photo P1120020_zpsffd37a16.jpg

Extras: I've added a little sample of perfume, because nobody likes to smell bad! This one is from Les Senteurs Gourmandes and it smells delicious. Unfortunately I've lost the little box it came in so I have no idea which scent this is, (it could be Prune Jasmin, but I'm not 100% sure) but I like it so much anyway I'm definitely going to check out the brand further.

You might have noticed there's no lip product in here. That's purely because I have so many of them roaming free around practically every handbag I have that I doubt I'll ever be caught without a lippie. The picture above, of the perfume sample surrounded by lip products, shows the lip products I pulled from the one handbag I carried today. Does anyone really need 5 lipsticks in one handbag? Eeek. What can I say, I'm a little bit of a lipstick junkie.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into my emergency make-up bag. I think I've covered all bases without having to cart around a hefty bag full of products and brushes and can pop my little tartan make-up SOS kit in my handbag and be good to go for any spontaneous night out.

What do you think of my little emergency kit? Do you have any products you could recommend for emergency make-up applications? Any multiples or compacts I should be investing in?


  1. The mixed plaid is actually such a nice touch! Btw, you need to check out my provocative outfit post. Is it bold or bad of me attempting to rock ruffle skorts as a guy, do tell me if you're PROVOKED! ;)

    xx The Provoker

  2. Great post! ..X


  3. Such a great idea :)

    And I LOVE that tartan bag, so chic.

    Hmm maybe...

    P.S. who says you can't have 5 lipsticks in your bag ;)

    1. Haha :) okay maybe i'll keep carting all those lipsticks about!

  4. Thats quite a lot for an emergency bag of a girl who will never carry a make up bag!

    1. Well there's no primer, foundation product, highlighter, contour powder, blusher, eyelash curlers, bronzer, illuminating concealer, eye highlight colour, eyeshadow palette, no brushes ! No setting spray... That's what I mean by 'make up bag.' But perhaps I just need more make up than you!

  5. I love the colour tattoo ! Great picks

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  6. Such a fab idea! xo