más málaga

After our peaceful morning ambling around the Botanical gardens we hopped back to the city to do some exploring in the sunshine.

Málaga is a really lovely city. It's full of picturesque squares, narrow alleyways bustling with shops and cafés and beautiful buildings. There's a photo opportunity on every corner.

 photo mal1_zps806ca263.jpg

 photo mal3_zps56534007.jpg

 photo mal8_zpsd232eaa8.jpg

 photo mal2_zps65445943.jpg

After some souvenir shopping we popped in to the cathedral. The cathedral is a Renaissance style building built between 1528 and 1782. Originally designed to have two towers, a lack of funds meant only one was completed and the cathedral now has the nickname 'La Manquita' or 'one armed woman.' I think it's charming!

 photo mal4_zpseb53dea5.jpg

 photo mal5_zpsb0cd6bcb.jpg

I'm not a religious person in any shape or form, but I do love religious spaces. I think the sense of calm and tranquility in churches is just so lovely, not to mention the awe-inspiring architecture. They're the perfect places to sit quietly and reflect and appreciate. Wandering around the cathedral was a perfect little pocket of cool tranquility in the midst of the hot bustling city.

 photo mal6_zps0e8d5ce4.jpg

 photo mal7_zps42437a3d.jpg

After a trip to the birth house of Picasso (disappointing and long-winded - the museum is much better) we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

 photo mal12_zpsee35ea7b.jpg

 photo mal9_zpsd202b984.jpg

 photo mal10_zps415a2ea3.jpg

Our hotel was built on top of some roman ruins, and I love that they've made a feature of it. Not only is the floor above glass for dizzying views below, but they've installed a little walkway so guests can explore below.

I also thought it'd be the perfect backdrop for posing in my red 'Jennifer' dress!

 photo mal11_zps9e912afa.jpg

Then it was off to dinner of seafood, rioja and sangria in the balmy Spanish evening air.

 photo mal13_zps0af8c6b8.jpg

 photo mal14_zps00d0f61c.jpg

It was a lovely evening with my lovely little mummy. I think we'll have to have more mother-daughter trips away in future!


life lately

I know, I know.

It's fashion month, and I'm supposed to be blogging about favourite shows, surmising on trends, and seeking out baby pink coats like there's no tomorrow. I've also promised another post about my Málaga trip so what on earth am I doing entitling a post "life lately?"

Well, 'life lately' has been hectic. I am in the process of moving city, finding a flat, starting two new jobs, getting involved in freelance projects and trying to have a social life as well. In the midst of all this, blogging hasn't really been happening (clearly). But to keep you in the loop, I'm currently working on a bumper NYFW favourites post and I'm trying my best to keep up to date with LFW. And that Málaga post is in the works too.

But for now, here's some snippets of... yup, life lately.

 photo insta6_zps97970de8.jpg

Day to night. Stripy tee, blazer and flats for daytime shopping and errand running. Silk cami, heeled boots and my beautiful new Zara coat for dinner and drinks with friends. Remember my white coat obsession? Well, this baby has - temporarily - sated that desire.

 photo insta4_zps450fd5b8.jpg

Raspberry Collins times 3 with two of my favourite girls for a long overdue big catch up.

 photo insta8_zps29544217.jpg

I caved and bought the Topshop PVC skirt that I've been seeing everywhere. It's incredible. It stands up unassisted. And it's shiny. Go now and buy it! 

 photo insta5_zps4525c0a1.jpg

I bought a hamster! I mean, a phone case. I promise it's a phone case. And I haven't named it Roger. He's not my pet. Nope... none of that weird shit happening here.

 photo insta2_zps76403cc2.jpg


 photo insta9_zpsc703a78c.jpg

and with me to Edinburgh, I had to take lots of the above.

 photo insta7_zpsbc48458c.jpg

You know what Edinburgh is really good at? Cocktails. There's The Last Word, Bramble, 99 Hanover Street, Soba (delicious food too), The Villager and Bar Kohl to name but a few. If anyone has any further recommendations, please share!

 photo insta1_zps203dfb83.jpg

 This smug little selfie shot was taken just before I was off to my first day at work. I was feeling all pretty in my make-up and my brand new dress and my heels, and was all excited to get to work. Then I decided to leap over my suitcase. There was a horrible tearing noise, and I realised I had just ripped my dress, right the way up the back. Uhoh. Now, my place of work has a black dress uniform, so a panicked phone call to my boss quickly followed and I then had to run along Princes Street to try and find a suitable, work-appropriate dress. Good old M&S came to my rescue, and I made it to my first day, only an hour late. Thankfully, the day picked up thereafter.

Needless to say, that wiped the smug smirk right off my face.


first morning in málaga

We arrived in Malaga late at night, just in time to grab a sleepy bite to eat and then get an early night's sleep after a stressful day of travelling. Somehow Ryanair manage to make even a short flight from Scotland to Spain an ordeal.

Anyway, the next day we got up and after a delicious breakfast of fruit, stickily sweet pastries and lots of Spanish coffee, we headed up to the rooftop pool for a dip.

My family have never been the type to go on sun-soaked holidays. I spent my childhood in dark, damp, 'rustic' cottages on the isle of Skye, or admiring alpine gardens on mountaintops in Switzerland and going on long hikes in the Canadian rockies. I guess we're what you'd call 'outdoorsy.' So to be in such a nice hotel, in a hot climate and with a pool, was just heaven to me.

 photo malaga18_zps6133d06b.jpg

 photo malaga2_zpsd690e8a9.jpg

 photo malaga20_zps06a41299.jpg

 photo malaga19_zpsef939ce8.jpg

Oh, also heaven to me? A fluffy white robe and hotel slippers! 

After a little swim and a sunny snooze, we got ready and headed out to the botanical gardens.

The Jardín Botánico-Histórico La Concepción is on the outskirts of Málaga, and is one of the best botanical gardens in Europe. Created by one of Málaga's richest aristocratic couples, the Lorings, in the mid-19th century, they built a beautiful mansion in the middle of it and used it as their summer home, to retreat from the heat of the city in the shade of a thousand trees.

 photo malaga17_zps900ffd86.jpg

 photo malaga3_zpsce94aa4d.jpg

This tree-lined avenue was beautiful. The way the trees curved over to shade the path from the sun, only letting tiny glints of light through was just magical, and the height of these gigantic trees was awe-inspiring.

 photo malaga5_zpsf3595db0.jpg

 photo malaga6_zps4186ee7f.jpg

 photo malaga4_zpsf26aad70.jpg

 photo malaga21_zpsf173bc15.jpg

 photo malaga7_zpsafcd8911.jpg

My favourite part was this wisteria covered trellis. It must look absolutely spectacular in spring time when the wisteria bloom, but it was lovely enough in September. Just look at this tree, all doubled back on itself and suspended in the air, it really felt pretty magical. The Lorings used it as an outdoor dining space. What a place for entertaining!

 photo malaga8_zpse34be192.jpg

 photo malaga11_zpsd98cd277.jpg

 photo malaga9_zps246c82d4.jpg

I wore a big floppy (old) Topshop hat, an American Apparel cami and worn old Levi's shorts.

 photo malaga12_zpsb1370a46.jpg

 photo malaga15_zps5fb5001c.jpg

 photo malaga16_zpseaef927c.jpg

 photo malaga13_zpsc88fe0c8.jpg

 photo malaga14_zpsa7f6d496.jpg

I'm not usually a big fan of visiting gardens - this was my mother's idea - but it really was a lovely way to spend a sunny Spanish morning. I'm pretty sure I could have walked around there all day, getting lost among the trees and admiring all the funny little cacti. But soon lunch was calling our name, so we headed back into the city centre for some grub and a spot of culture.

But more on that another day.


packing for málaga

 photo P1120026_zps6f0ac90f.jpg

 photo P1120028_zps48a9fb9e.jpg

 photo P1120027_zps30af996d.jpg

 photo P1120029_zps2ba49dd8.jpg

 photo P1120031_zpsad09d829.jpg

I'm off to Málaga tomorrow with my mum for a little three day city break. We're going to get a final hit of warmth and sunshine before summer disappears for good and we're left to face the cold, wet, grey, dreich Scottish winter. We're going to check out some museums, galleries and do a spot of shopping, as well as spend some time snoozing in the sun by the hotel pool.

This is a little snippet of what I'm packing. It's only a three day trip so I'm not taking much; silk camis, jean shorts and a big huge hat for day time exploring, and swishy dresses and maxis for night time dinners and drinks. I'm so excited to wear the red maxi dress. I bought it from Nelly.com, as I thought it could be a potential graduation ball dress, but mostly because it's called the 'Jennifer Dress.'

How could I pass on a dress that has my very own name? Necessary purchase.

Anyway, I'm off to charge my camera so I have plenty of photos to share when I get back!