first morning in málaga

We arrived in Malaga late at night, just in time to grab a sleepy bite to eat and then get an early night's sleep after a stressful day of travelling. Somehow Ryanair manage to make even a short flight from Scotland to Spain an ordeal.

Anyway, the next day we got up and after a delicious breakfast of fruit, stickily sweet pastries and lots of Spanish coffee, we headed up to the rooftop pool for a dip.

My family have never been the type to go on sun-soaked holidays. I spent my childhood in dark, damp, 'rustic' cottages on the isle of Skye, or admiring alpine gardens on mountaintops in Switzerland and going on long hikes in the Canadian rockies. I guess we're what you'd call 'outdoorsy.' So to be in such a nice hotel, in a hot climate and with a pool, was just heaven to me.

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Oh, also heaven to me? A fluffy white robe and hotel slippers! 

After a little swim and a sunny snooze, we got ready and headed out to the botanical gardens.

The Jardín Botánico-Histórico La Concepción is on the outskirts of Málaga, and is one of the best botanical gardens in Europe. Created by one of Málaga's richest aristocratic couples, the Lorings, in the mid-19th century, they built a beautiful mansion in the middle of it and used it as their summer home, to retreat from the heat of the city in the shade of a thousand trees.

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This tree-lined avenue was beautiful. The way the trees curved over to shade the path from the sun, only letting tiny glints of light through was just magical, and the height of these gigantic trees was awe-inspiring.

 photo malaga5_zpsf3595db0.jpg

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My favourite part was this wisteria covered trellis. It must look absolutely spectacular in spring time when the wisteria bloom, but it was lovely enough in September. Just look at this tree, all doubled back on itself and suspended in the air, it really felt pretty magical. The Lorings used it as an outdoor dining space. What a place for entertaining!

 photo malaga8_zpse34be192.jpg

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I wore a big floppy (old) Topshop hat, an American Apparel cami and worn old Levi's shorts.

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I'm not usually a big fan of visiting gardens - this was my mother's idea - but it really was a lovely way to spend a sunny Spanish morning. I'm pretty sure I could have walked around there all day, getting lost among the trees and admiring all the funny little cacti. But soon lunch was calling our name, so we headed back into the city centre for some grub and a spot of culture.

But more on that another day.

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  1. looks so pretty there!
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