life lately

I know, I know.

It's fashion month, and I'm supposed to be blogging about favourite shows, surmising on trends, and seeking out baby pink coats like there's no tomorrow. I've also promised another post about my Málaga trip so what on earth am I doing entitling a post "life lately?"

Well, 'life lately' has been hectic. I am in the process of moving city, finding a flat, starting two new jobs, getting involved in freelance projects and trying to have a social life as well. In the midst of all this, blogging hasn't really been happening (clearly). But to keep you in the loop, I'm currently working on a bumper NYFW favourites post and I'm trying my best to keep up to date with LFW. And that Málaga post is in the works too.

But for now, here's some snippets of... yup, life lately.

 photo insta6_zps97970de8.jpg

Day to night. Stripy tee, blazer and flats for daytime shopping and errand running. Silk cami, heeled boots and my beautiful new Zara coat for dinner and drinks with friends. Remember my white coat obsession? Well, this baby has - temporarily - sated that desire.

 photo insta4_zps450fd5b8.jpg

Raspberry Collins times 3 with two of my favourite girls for a long overdue big catch up.

 photo insta8_zps29544217.jpg

I caved and bought the Topshop PVC skirt that I've been seeing everywhere. It's incredible. It stands up unassisted. And it's shiny. Go now and buy it! 

 photo insta5_zps4525c0a1.jpg

I bought a hamster! I mean, a phone case. I promise it's a phone case. And I haven't named it Roger. He's not my pet. Nope... none of that weird shit happening here.

 photo insta2_zps76403cc2.jpg


 photo insta9_zpsc703a78c.jpg

and with me to Edinburgh, I had to take lots of the above.

 photo insta7_zpsbc48458c.jpg

You know what Edinburgh is really good at? Cocktails. There's The Last Word, Bramble, 99 Hanover Street, Soba (delicious food too), The Villager and Bar Kohl to name but a few. If anyone has any further recommendations, please share!

 photo insta1_zps203dfb83.jpg

 This smug little selfie shot was taken just before I was off to my first day at work. I was feeling all pretty in my make-up and my brand new dress and my heels, and was all excited to get to work. Then I decided to leap over my suitcase. There was a horrible tearing noise, and I realised I had just ripped my dress, right the way up the back. Uhoh. Now, my place of work has a black dress uniform, so a panicked phone call to my boss quickly followed and I then had to run along Princes Street to try and find a suitable, work-appropriate dress. Good old M&S came to my rescue, and I made it to my first day, only an hour late. Thankfully, the day picked up thereafter.

Needless to say, that wiped the smug smirk right off my face.


  1. I have a thing for stripy tops, they look so chic. I love Edinburgh seems like a really nice city and people are lovely but don't like the fact is cold still beautiful landscape. x

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  3. I have a thing for cocktails! :P
    Loving your shots, and you really look gorgeous in the last photo!
    poor dress :/

    Though, hope you are well and happy in your new life!
    Many kisses
    Angelina - http://www.just-angelina.com/