más málaga

After our peaceful morning ambling around the Botanical gardens we hopped back to the city to do some exploring in the sunshine.

Málaga is a really lovely city. It's full of picturesque squares, narrow alleyways bustling with shops and cafés and beautiful buildings. There's a photo opportunity on every corner.

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After some souvenir shopping we popped in to the cathedral. The cathedral is a Renaissance style building built between 1528 and 1782. Originally designed to have two towers, a lack of funds meant only one was completed and the cathedral now has the nickname 'La Manquita' or 'one armed woman.' I think it's charming!

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I'm not a religious person in any shape or form, but I do love religious spaces. I think the sense of calm and tranquility in churches is just so lovely, not to mention the awe-inspiring architecture. They're the perfect places to sit quietly and reflect and appreciate. Wandering around the cathedral was a perfect little pocket of cool tranquility in the midst of the hot bustling city.

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After a trip to the birth house of Picasso (disappointing and long-winded - the museum is much better) we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

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Our hotel was built on top of some roman ruins, and I love that they've made a feature of it. Not only is the floor above glass for dizzying views below, but they've installed a little walkway so guests can explore below.

I also thought it'd be the perfect backdrop for posing in my red 'Jennifer' dress!

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Then it was off to dinner of seafood, rioja and sangria in the balmy Spanish evening air.

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It was a lovely evening with my lovely little mummy. I think we'll have to have more mother-daughter trips away in future!

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