My Old Kentucky Home

First of all, let's get in the mood for this post with some (mildly politically incorrect...) musical accompaniment.


When I was working in Germany, I made friends with a girl called Katie. Katie is from Kentucky, and she was in Germany to do student teaching for a few months, so we met through fellow teacher friends. I've been meaning to visit her in Kentucky for the past three years and this October I finally did it!

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The first weekend, we headed up to visit Katie's friends in Louisville, where we wandered around downtown, admiring the art fair that was going on, and then headed for a delicious dinner of beef brisket at the Silver Dollar washed down with the most delicious cocktail I've ever had - a Forever June. Tequila and violet liqueur over ice - yum. I wish I had taken more pictures of the interior of this place, it was really well done, and the food and drinks were delicious. 

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Back in Lexington throughout the week, we did lots of fun, wholesome super American things (to me) like visit an orchard and a pumpkin patch.

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Some of us may have got a little too excited about the entertainment on offer, clearly designed for kids...

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After lunch at the cutest little place ever, Wallace Station, which served the most gigantic, and delicious, sandwiches I have ever come across, we headed to Buffalo Trace Bourbon distillery, for a tour and some bourbon tasting.

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I learnt a lot about the history and the production of Bourbon, and it was a really great day out, but despite the generous amount of tasty samples, I'm still a Scottish whisky girl at heart. What can I say, we just do it better ;)

 photo ky8_zps6a13333d.jpg

Throughout the trip we had meal after meal of straight up deliciousness. Above is the best damn Mexican I've ever had from Mi Pequeña Hacienda, washed down with the best margaritas I've ever had. And they taste all the sweeter when they're 2 for 1, believe me. But I couldn't leave Kentucky without getting some fried chicken in me... YUM!  

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The next day, we explored downtown Lexington, which was infinitely more beautiful than I had ever imagined! 

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Then we had a little mooch around campus, and checked out Katie's old UK haunts and were amazing that fraternity and sorority houses were real.

 photo ky18_zpsb5dc65f1.jpg

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Whilst we were there, Keeneland, Lexington's race track, was open. So we went for a day of gambling and day time drinking in the sunshine.

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Despite working at a racecourse for two years of my teenage life, I've never actually been to a racing event. It was so much fun, and super exciting - especially when you win even a little bit of money! Woohoo, $5! 

 photo ky26_zpsb27fc251.jpg

Sunday, is football day in America. We went tailgating with Katie's friends, which was an experience. I've never even heard of tailgating so I was a little unsure of what to expect, but oh my god it was so much fun. An afternoon sat in the sunshine, drinking beer and eating barbecued food. Please, Scotland can we adopt this custom? Who knew an afternoon in a car park could be so much fun?!

 photo ky27_zps76e7f904.jpg

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A football game was another whole new experience for me. There were cheerleaders, dance teams, marching bands and even fireworks! It was more of a spectacle than a sports match, but the atmosphere was incredible. It was a really good day, possibly one of my favourite's of the week, even though we lost.

 photo ky29_zpscb3511e9.jpg

After a night out on the town, with far too much tequila, it was sadly time to go home, tired, hungover and more than a few pounds heavier...

 photo kyplae_zpsd9d74eaf.jpg

I had so much fun in Kentucky! It's absolutely beautiful, even more so in autumn I imagine, as all the leaves were turning and there was the slightest hint of a chill in the air. I can't wait to go back, if Katie will have me, that is. 

I made a little video of my trip. I've not got the greatest camera skills, nor editing skills, but I made it more just for me and my friends. And things like these are always fun to look back on when you're a bit older. 
Let me know what you think. 
Jen x

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