Super long term readers of this blog (are there any of you out there?) will remember I used to do outfit posts. Don't go rifling through the archives though; I have deleted the vast majority of those blog entries. I felt a weird mixture of self-consciousness and cringe-worthy narcissism posting pictures solely dedicated to my outfit of that day. Let's face it, I am no Runi Neely/Karla Deras/Sandra Hagelstam et al ad nauseum. But lately I've found myself popping the odd outfit on Instagram to an occasional (and mild) flurry of likes, so I thought I would do a little compilation of recent outfits and pop them on here for your potential enjoyment.

have to say, I much prefer this more casual way of outfit blogging. It strips away the need to have beautifully and artfully shot photographs and 0% body fat. But let me know what you think :)

It's been really mild here recently, but the temperature finally dropped enough to justify cracking out the fur. This Mongolian faux fur gilet is from Asos and I really love it, although I find myself not wearing it nearly enough. I wore it over a black jumper from Dorothy Perkins with nice little leather shoulder details which of course you can't see here, jeans and my trusty - and ancient - suede over the knee boots from Office. 

On the right I'm wearing an uncharacteristic amount of colour. The little orange bag is a Zara number and was my go-to in summer aaaand do we even need to talk about the bright pink crepe biker of dreams? It's from Topshop. It's my baby. I recommend you buy it. Although I would say sizing runs a little large and I kind of wish i had sized down, but you know, at least I can pack on the fuzzy jumpers underneath once winter starts to bite.

Clearly I'm taking ill-advised outfit shots on my way out the door here; headphones out, ready to run. I've got on my favourite neon Cos knit, over a graph print tee from Primark and with a super comfy sort of soft jersey material blazer from Stradivarius that I picked up in Málaga. 

In both these pictures I'm wearing super comfy black knit pants from Forever 21 that I recommend whole-heartedly: they are just about as comfy as leggings but they're trousers! And we all know that leggings are not trousers, so you can safely avoid that fashion faux pas without sacrificing on comfort. Yay. Oh and they were super cheap too. On top is my favourite burgundy leather jacket from H&M and a pale blue sleeveless top with floral detail and illusion mesh at the neck from good old Toppers.

More pink jacket love. This time over a white top (H&M) and some excellent high waisted trousers from Missguided. They work well on those of us who have large rumps and small waists - snug fit on the derrière usually means baggy waist but the fit on these works pretty well for me. But I did have to chop about 3 inches off the bottom because I am short. Or the legs run long. You decide.


  1. Your pink jacket is insanely gorgeous & I love how you've styled it! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. Lovely outfits! I love your boots in the 1st pic :)

  3. Love your outfits! That orange purse is fabulous!