Juicing January: DIY Juice Cleanse for the cheap and lazy.

I've always wanted to do a juice cleanse.

I once bought one of Jason Vale's juicing books only to be put off by the amount of money to be spent on a juicer, a smoothie maker and all the fresh fruit and vegetables, not to mention the amount of effort and time it would take to actually juice all the fruit.

What can I say? I'm far too busy to spend my time doing that lazy.

So I looked at companies that provide you with juices, all nicely packaged and labeled and delivered to your door. But they're ridiculously expensive!

And I have too shallow a bank account and far too much sense to spend about £200 on five days' worth of "food."

No, thank you.

So I've decided to DIY it. And what better time to start juicing than in January?

 photo P1120570_zps78e82325.jpg

Let's cut the crap. I'll be honest with you. I am not doing a juice cleanse for the 'detoxifying,' 'rebooting,' 'cleansing' effects. I am, like most people, I suspect, doing it for the weight loss. You might wonder why I don't just refuse to eat for a few days, and I could I suppose - it would most likely have the same effect overall, but having some semblance of 'regime' to follow makes it seem a) less drastic and crazy and b) more achievable.

Having looked at various companies and what each day entails, I've come up with the following.

DAY 1 - Green Juice

 photo P1120580_zpsbf8f81e5.jpg

Most juice cleanses start off with a 'green' drink so I'm going to do the same. For this I just bought four of those delicious Naked Green Machines. I like them anyway so it's not going to be difficult for me to drink them, plus, I'm sold by all the stuff they promise they have inside (wheat grass, spirulina, blue green algae etc). As you can see, Day 1 has already started. I'm trying my best to sip slowly but this one's so delicious it's hard not to gulp it down!

DAY 2 - Spicy Lemonade

 photo P1120577_zpsff5604d2.jpg

Lots of juice cleanses feature some sort of lemonade drink. Based presumably on the Master Cleanse, these are predominantly lemon juice with a kick of cayenne pepper. For this, I've bought two litre bottles of old fashioned lemonade, which I will mix with two teaspoons of cayenne pepper for each 500ml drink. This does contain sugar, so it's not ideal, but it's not-from-concentrate and at least it doesn't contain sweeteners. I should probably just buy some lemons and juice them, but this is a juice cleanse for the lazy. And I can't be bothered.

DAY 3 - Beetroot Juice

 photo 9291e551-847c-4bc4-85ea-1c872b12ed11_zps936e9e36.jpg

Urgh. I am not looking forward to this. I really dislike beetroot. This one at least is tempered a little by some added apple juice. Again, I just bought some not-from-concentrate beetroot juice from my local store, which probably isn't ideal because of the added sugar, but it's still beetroot juice! Come on! I'm hoping I'll be able to get through Day 3 with the knowledge that it's the last day of the cleanse. Let's see if I do have willpower.

On top of the juice I'm going to allow myself chocolate as much herbal tea as I want, and the odd black coffee if I'm feeling particularly sluggish. I'm also going to be drinking a 'slimatee' cleansing tea before bed every night.

Juices and cayenne pepper combined, I spent a total of £18. That's less than a tenth of some of the pre-prepared juice cleanses. I imagine I could've probably spent even less too, had I not bought the Naked juices at Starbucks (oops), but I was in there anyway getting myself a vanilla spice latte so I just picked them up whilst queuing.

I'm just going to do a 3 day cleanse this time, but if it goes well, I may do one next month for 5 days. We'll see how it goes. Of course I'll let you know how I get on with this one. So just on the off chance that you're actually thinking of following in my footsteps, I'd hold off for a few days until I come back with the review :)

Would you ever do a juice cleanse?

What do you think of my DIY version?

Have I gone completely insane?


  1. Woah! That's some amazing money saving!
    Good luck with the juice detox. A guy at work did it for almost a month http://nazrills.blogspot.ie/ and lost TONNES of weight, but I'm pretty sure he's since put it all back on.
    I think 3 days is very much an achievable goal. Personally, I doubt I could last 12 hours, but if you have the right mindset, that's something I admire.

    Can't wait to see the results! Good luck, and let me know how the night time tea tastes, I still love tea :)

  2. Ohh good luck with it! I don't have the willpower to attempt it!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

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