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Although I may create umpteen different wish lists for different seasons, stores, even times of day, there are a few classic, seriously lust worthy pieces that I refuse to leave this planet without owning. Some people have bucket lists, and they want to sky dive and swim with dolphins bla bla bla, well I have a seriously materialistic luxury life list. But, hey, if I manage to earn enough and save enough to buy all of these things with my own money, then that's a feat that's not to be sniffed at. (Cf. Question!)

I thought I'd share my luxury lustings with you, as a form of January escapism. Because everybody's skint in January and its fun to fantasise!

My first item has been on my list for the longest time. A pair of Christian Louboutin black Pigalles in 120mm in patent (or maybe the kid leather.. I can't decide). Regardless, drool. I remember telling my mother at 12 that I'd buy a pair of Louboutins with my first paycheque after uni. Hahaha. How wrong I was.

 photo ChristianLouboutinpigalle_zpsd5309793.jpg

Classic black Prada tote is next on the list. Seriously chic and classic, I'd wear it forever. I love the Prada logo too, it's just gorgeous but subtle enough not to be obnoxious. Plus, the structured tote is a little bit of a 'power purse' don't you think? 

 photo pradatote_zps2e8231e3.jpg

I've wanted a piece of The Row before I'd even seen any of it. In case you didn't know, I'm somewhat of a dorky Olsen twin mega fan. #confession Anyway, don't think I'd be dumb enough to spend some serious cash on leather leggings just because they're part of the MKA empire. I do genuinely love them. As a kid I always put leather trousers on my letter to Santa. I don't think it was really a fashion statement, rather my parents were bikers and I wanted to emulate them. Anyway, my mum refused to buy any for me before I grew out of Gap's kid section (my choice destination for leather, apparently). Thankfully, I was a tall ass kid and managed to get a pair before I was even out of primary school. Ha.

 photo rowleatherleggings_zpsdde7d15b.jpg

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. I have become more closely acquainted with this fact since working in a jewellers. I have also become much more familiar with the hefty price tag of diamonds and just how special they really are. So, on to the list go a massive pair of 2 carat brilliant diamond studs, 1 carat for each ear. Ideally, they'd also be D in colour and Internally Flawless too, but we'll see how things go.

 photo rox1ctearrings_zpse8cc3124.jpg

If you have £10,500 kicking around for a pair of diamond earrings, you can direct yourself here.

Burberry trench coat. Classic. Timeless. Beautiful. I love how good trench coats look with everything. From jeans and t-shirts to workwear to ball gowns to your Agent Provocateur knickers à la RHW. Perfect.

 photo burberrytrench_zps568242ca.jpeg

I fell in love with watchmaker Breguet when I was asked to write a piece on them for the ROX blog. So much history and watchmaking excellence, they're made timepieces for Marie Antoinette, Napoléon Bonaparte, Churchill, Tsars of Russia and many other seriously important (and rich) people. They made the first woman's wristwatch, la Reine de Naples, for (surprisingly) the Queen of Naples, back in 1810. And I want it. Specifically, the moonphase version. Although I have absolutely no need to know whether it's a full moon or a half moon, I think it's an absolutely beautiful complication. Just look at his wee face!

This retails at about €30,000 (I think) though, so yeah...

 photo breguetreinedenaples_zpsb05ab181.jpg

Last but not least, and I know I don't even have to write anything about this one, because well... it's Chanel. 

Chanel 2.55 in the caviar leather so I could wear it to death.

 photo chanel255_zpsfd50466d.jpg

And I'd probably have to stop myself from doing exactly what Alexa's doing to it, every single time I took it out for a spin. Dreamy.

What do you think of my luxury life list? Should I forgo all these beautiful items and, I don't know, maybe buy a house instead?

What's in your dream wardrobe?

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