Kate Moss, it's your fault I'm hungover.

SHOWstudio: Subjective - Kate Moss interviewed by Nick Knight about Corinne Day from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.

Fashion photographer genius Nick Knight of SHOWstudio.com has just launched a mesmerising new series of videos called "Subjective." The series is about fashion photography from the perspective of models. First up is fashion's eternal favourite, Kate Moss. Yes, famously silent supermodel, Ms Kate "never complain, never explain" Moss sits down in front of a camera for ten whole minutes and talks. It's a rare occurrence, especially to see her so relaxed, curled up in a chair, glass of wine in hand and chatting freely. She does keep an air of mystery though: her fabulous sunglasses stay on throughout.

She talks about the career-launching The Face cover of 1990 that she says "seems a hundred years ago." You know the one; she's on the beach, wearing a headdress and laughing, her nose all scrunched up. It's adorable and Moss says it reminds her of how her daughter smiles now. She remembers being a teenager and going into London in her school uniform after school, but that after that shoot school soon got neglected in favour of hanging out in Soho with Corinne Day and "discovering London." Oh, to be a 16 year old Kate Moss.

My favourite part is when they talk about her treatment in the press, and how she was blamed for the heroin chic and waif look of the 90s. She agrees she's a "fabulous scapegoat" and says that even her friends do it to her. They'll blame her the morning after a heavy night, saying "it's Kate's fault I'm hungover." Maybe it's not all her fault, but I can't imagine partying with Kate Moss would be anything if not wild.

I love this film, I can't stop watching it. It feels like you've been watching a private conversation between friends and it's hypnotic. It really makes you think about how amazing and enduring Kate Moss's career has been so far. Models are supposed to lose their appeal as they age, but with her latest Topshop collection selling out fast and her face still plastered all over magazines and beauty counters and billboards, it's clear Kate Moss is going absolutely nowhere. She really is the ultimate icon.

And can I please look that fabulous when I'm 40? Or, let's be honest, can I look that fabulous now?

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