Style Rut

I am in a style rut.

Lately, I've found myself bemoaning the entirety of my wardrobe contents, wearing outfits I don't particularly like and generally feeling frumpy, dumpy and lumpy. It doesn't help that I have a very unfashion figure. My body type is that of an unfortunate Kardashian crossed with a sausage dog (read: short legs, long flat torso, big arse), which makes actually finding things that fit me a real pain-in-the-ass, time-consuming, frustrating bore. If it fits in one place, it'll gape in another or be achingly snug somewhere else.

We don't even talk about trousers here. Too traumatic.

But I don't do ruts. I am categorically refusing to hang around in this one for too long. In fact, I'm not really sure how this one happened. I used to obsess over all things fashion; my walls were covered in editorials, I'd have sketches of dream outfits and wish lists as long as my arms. I used to even post almost exclusively outfit posts. (I have since archived them all. But those curious can have a peek/giggle at this blast from the past.) I loved getting dressed. I endured day-time high heels, clothes that restricted my movements, bemused looks from my mother and obnoxious jewellery that almost made me crash my car. I'm not saying I dressed well. Some outfits were horrific. But, at least I was trying things. To think that I would be describing myself as 'frumpy' and in a 'style rut' but three years on, would never have crossed my mind.

But grown up life has hit me. The free time I do have is spent exercising, socialising or vegetating in an exhausted heap, and the majority of my disposable income heads towards student overdraft debt, a paltry savings account or - gasp - a pension pot. At the moment, I have neither the time nor the money to luxuriate in fashion.

What a snore. Don't worry, I'm boring myself too. I need a fashion quick fix, and I think I've got a plan.

I've always considered the concept of a 'fashion uniform' as a cop-out for the creatively lazy. But I am changing my mind. It's a savvy shortcut to style for the stressed and the time-pressed and I want a piece of that pie.

But where to start? I need something that fits with my current wardrobe (but with a few clever updates, obviously - I mean, I'm not giving up shopping), is easy to execute when you wake up hungover needing to look good fast but have zero brain function to conjure up an outfit, works with my Kardashian Sausage body, is equal parts laid back and fashion forward, and is scruffy in all the right places and polished in all the others.

I need some inspiration.

Hello, Pinterest style board.

 photo f0a550e6355b36c9704808ff09d1d060_zpsc72acf18.jpg

 photo fc9777bbf8911abb23553e863f381003_zps370c9f97.jpg

 photo c6bfec0fda3b8265df416cf28121f4f3_zpsad6f3515.jpg

 photo df8c09fe9346b08717971357ce111123_zps574fcc2f.jpg

 photo bacb865e4d6a9d01e2da86a90b50e260_zps77ca7388.jpg

 photo a258ed388f9add888b87575386bb96bc_zps5ce2412d.jpg

 photo c5eff7a77f14a1b914bbdf93e19ec84a_zpsec812b99.jpg

 photo 54133129fc98108a951fc252c41a8851_zps648f2e37.jpg

 photo a00b0da9bdd39067b4c5238003579985_zps9079b201.jpg

 photo a33e92f0a0aa26bcbdb422c60099d1f9_zps5e633b82.jpg

 photo 7405762250ce243190fc7d69f1eca841_zpsebb8deb3.jpg

 photo 27939878a1d7762547071ff1e90169fa_zps34c2c59c.jpg

 photo 1090717acbbcf784b1373fa684fb5a7e_zps714b7132.jpg

 photo 221ac33834bc375651508f30bb98e797_zps16ce35a6.jpg

 photo 8489c625ba7a1f919a42d9b1bcc2317e_zpsed8c86f8.jpg

 photo 6162bb3482bf39074a0c90c338e528b6_zps6fa7c204.jpg

 photo 1bb81f323b4e6c6c40b3d441b4abdb1d_zpse0cda90f.jpg

 photo 5b3ca06375052f322166279f232169c9_zps67a4be92.jpg

 photo 005a4b7ba25c7c0f1e927e107b947f9b_zps3ab2968e.jpg

 photo 5d8ba936bb68b17e5939f85a9d3e0ff8_zps4643415e.jpg

 photo 50b284c7fb2c42ad56d2ae79e60e0426_zps22f8108c.jpg

 photo 0cb4d0ea3b2c3bc93e7427a6b5e5b9f7_zpsded2fcac.jpg

Hmm. I think I've found the answer. 

Hats and leopard print shoes.

Oh, and lashings of leather.

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