Summer Soundtracking

Sunshine makes things sound better.

It's a fact.

This is what I've been listening to lately, imagining I'm off somewhere else instead of traipsing past tourists on the Royal Mile on my walk to work.

You're on a beach, sweating out last night's sins. Toes in the warm sand, hot sun on your face and the gentlest of salty breezes taking the edge off the blistering heat as the beautiful Banks' soft-yet-sultry vocals trickle through your headphones. It's the perfect track for relaxing under the sun as your hangover slowly recedes. Could even be time for a nice cold beer now...

One of those nights when you've ended up somewhere you've never been before, wearing a weird outfit because you've been out in beer gardens all day, and you really didn't think you'd end up going out tonight. Then something like this comes on and it feels like everything's just clicked into place.

Plus, I love elephants.

I couldn't wrap my head around this first time around. But I'm now obsessed. I want to play this on a balcony after coming home from a big night. Someone's handed you a warm beer or some hideous concoction of whatever was left from earlier, and you really don't want it but you really don't want to go to bed yet. The piano bit towards the end is just perfect!

I know that this song is old, and to be fair even this remix isn't completely fresh, but I'm still every bit obsessed with this song as I was when I first heard it. I've been loving this little tropical revamp for a while, but now that summer has finally kicked off it's feeling even more apt. If I had somewhere to barbecue, this would be my soundtrack.

After a day at the beach, you head into one of those sundowner beach bars, just for a quick drink before you go back to get ready for dinner. But then you realise it's happy hour on mojitos, people have started dancing and the sun is dipping down over the sea in the most beautiful way that you couldn't possibly leave. They start playing music like this and all of a sudden dinner has turned into a dodgy looking soggy burger at midnight before the next party, you're still wearing your bikini and toting around suncream and a beach read, but you're on holiday. So what does it matter.

I first started listening to The Weeknd, walking home alone from bars through the streets of Cologne on moody, muggy May nights.  It's nowhere near The Morning but I still love it, and it still takes me back to the end of my time in Germany, in the streets between Zülipicherstraße and Rudolfplatz. This is also brilliant, but he's no B.

Sarah, she of the always on point music taste, alerted me to this piece of brilliance when she shared this mix (which is awesome, by the way). Eventually, we found the original. Just in time to be played relentlessly when we jet off to Ibiza next week... ! :)

What are you listening to right now?