Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Design First Wedding Dress

Despite having worked in a few weddingy establishments - wedding waitressing and selling engagement rings - I'm not particularly wedding-obsessed, and tend not to be one to ooh and aah over all things bridal. If I am ever to get married myself, I'm certain of a few things: there will be steak on the menu, my dress will be comfortable, there will be a significant lack of flowers because the damn things make me sneeze and all pomp and circumstance will be at an absolute bare minimum.

Wedding unwillingness aside, when I saw that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had designed their very first wedding dress for their close friend, stylist Molly Fishkin, I had to see it. And it's a beautiful dress. It's not me - I think I'd want something a little more simple -  but it is beautiful. I love the fluted sleeves and I'm absolutely crazy for the drama of the veil, but mostly I'm in love with these pictures.  It looks like an incredibly beautiful setting for a wedding, and as a total "Olsen Obsessive", I love seeing MKA at work in this kind of personal setting, not to mention ogling what their wearing. Ashley's jewellery situation has got me drooling, and I'm really into these low little buns they're both sporting.

Plus, it's got me excited to see if The Row will now branch into a bridal collection, or just do bespoke pieces for their nearest and dearest, and I imagine, those willing to pay. Perhaps in a few years time they'll have knocked Vera Wang off her bridal gown top spot, who knows. They've already proven time and time again in their collections that they can get simple, chic elegance to a flawless standard, and this dress seems to push that elegance in a more dramatic, intricate and romantic direction. So perhaps a bridal collection from The Row would appeal to an even wider consumer group than their core collections do. Maybe you wouldn't consider yourself a The Row kind of girl, but maybe you could be a The Row kind of bride?

Anyway, enjoy the pictures, from Vogue.com, and let me know what you think of the dress. Do you have a dream wedding dress in mind? Or is this a topic that you give absolutely no thought to whatsoever?

 photo tumblr_n8xnt2APsb1sxknbno1_400_zps6100cd80.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-04_165147444277_zps02ed32c3.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-14_165157969086_zps1babc988.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-08_165152496179_zps657d2802.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-09_165153841098_zpsf56f050c.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-18_165201135469_zps96962fc6.jpg

 photo molly-fishkin-wedding-11_165155423866_zps83c7f652.jpg

Seriously, look at that ring!

Read all about the wedding on Vogue.com - it sounds even more beautiful than it looks - and see all the other pictures that I decided not to pinch.


  1. I absolutely agree with all your certainties about your wedding day: I also want my dress to be ME, to be simple but gorgeous, to be comfortable, I want both steak and bbq chicken wings on the menu, and I want the decor and atmosphere to be relaxed... I think those things are so important. (especially the meat) and that MKA dress- wow..... it kind of took my breath away. love this post!
    Em xxx

  2. Love the setting by the pool!! Beautiful! Julia xxxx