Be Nice to Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner for Dazed & Confused

It's no secret that I have a big soft spot for most things Kardashian related. Kim's latest shoot may have been polarising, causing many to jump on soap boxes and high horses and ride off into the sunset spouting angry self-righteous claptrap, to which I respond: it's just a butt, get over it, but (pun intended) you can't deny her success, fame or wealth, nor do I think you can deny the fact that she, and all her relatives, have worked very hard and strategised almost faultlessly to achieve all the aforementioned. 

Kendall Jenner may have grown up in a world where wealth, fame and success were already in abundance, but that's most definitely not her fault. You also cannot blame her for her height and stature, the endless legs and beautiful, pixie like face of perfect symmetry, which seem to be making her the perfect model, adored by designers and magazine editors alike. Of course her famous family lends her a certain intrigue, and I don't doubt that her family's industry connections have made the path a whole lot easier for her. However, I also don't doubt that she's worked hard.

Besides, the fashion world is hardly a big warm, fuzzy, inclusive place. It's notoriously critical of reality stars and celebrities trying to worm their way into the fashion world. You only need to think of the snobbish controversy sparked by Kim's Vogue cover, or the scepticism Victoria Beckham and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were met with when first launching their (now hugely appreciated) lines. If Kendall Jenner had no merit as a model, she would absolutely not be landing magazine covers here, there and everywhere and walking for Chanel. No way.

Which is why when I read Arisce Wanzer's Open Letter to Kendall Jenner , in which Kendall is criticised for basically not being from a poor family or from the Third World, I was left with a horribly bitter bad taste in my mouth. Not so much because I so desperately want to defend Kendall's work ethic or what have you, but because it just made me lose a little faith in humanity.

Wanzer's intentions were most likely to make Kendall look bad, but all she succeeds in doing is sounding like a jealous, bitter, insecure, little bitch. Kendall probably has had a much easier route to where she is than most models do, but that's not her fault. And who really gives a shit. By the sounds of it, Wanzer should be proud of her career and all that she has achieved, as she has done so without the help Kendall has no doubt received, but instead she's focussing all her energy on comparing herself with and directing bitter hatred at others. Did no one ever teach her that old adage: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?"

Of course maybe she's trying to cash in on Kendall's current golden ticket. I'd certainly never heard of her name before that letter...

Whatever her motives for writing that piece, it's just plain nasty. No matter how privileged someone is, or how disadvantaged your background is, there's no excuse to do something so horrid, distasteful and cheap as to put your cigarette out in someone's drink. Nor is it ok to assume that because someone is rich and successful that they've led and do lead a happy life, and to resent them for it. Nobody knows what's around the corner, and you certainly don't know what goes on in people's most private spheres.

Work on yourself, carry on with your own life, stop moaning, get over yourself and be nice.

It's really not that hard.