1) I am totally and utterly obsessed with this song. I've listened to it on repeat for an entire day now and still can't get enough. If you haven't heard it already, listen! Listen now! Makes a nice upbeat change from the normally über moody Weeknd and I am into it.

2) This Flynn Skye dress is the stuff of dreams. I bought it on sale which was still a pretty hefty sum of money for me to spend on a dress, but I love it so much it was worth every penny. I saved it all squished up in my suitcase until we got to Santorini and then I couldn't take it off. The fabric is so soft and light and it's just so comfortable. Just make sure your boyfriend isn't standing on it when you try to move ok? You may end up flashing your boobs at everyone...

Currently lusting after this one and this one, oh and this one too....

3) I've had my spiralizer for a while now but it's only in the past week or so that I've become obsessed with the damn thing. It's probably a post-holiday 'i've over indulged!' thing. I've only spiralized courgettes and carrots so far, but I've got spiral shaped designs for that sweet potato lurking in my cupboard - I think baked in the oven with some olive oil they could turn into some variant of sweet potato curly fries? Maybe?! I'll see and report back.

Anyway, I like to chuck my carrots and courgettes in a pan with olive oil, garlic and oregano and slow fry them for 20 minutes or so until they go all deliciously soft. For courgettes on their own, I've been making a coriander and spinach pesto which is a recipe from Honestly Healthy, which is also really good with a (runny yoke essential) poached egg on top, but they're also really, really good with feta, lime, coriander and a shed load of garlic. I really love garlic... which brings me on to my other favourite herb:

*not my photo.... Google's photo

4) Basil! Ok it's possibly a bit weird to say you're obsessed with a herb, but basil is just so good. So fragrant and so summery, and there were so many basil plants in Greece that the smell was just wafting around the place and it makes me feel summery and lovely, ok? Anyway, I don't cook with it so much - although my mum's favourite snack is grilled goat's cheese on little baguette slices and topped with basil and honey, yum - but I bloody love it in drinks. Every time I see a cocktail with basil in it, I have to order it.

My favourite, super summery basil drink that I actually make at home too, is my basil-limoncello-white-wine-spritzer (a working title...). You need:

  • ice
  • white wine
  • basil leaves 
  • limoncello
  • lemonade
  • soda water
I'm setting this up as if it is a proper recipe with a serious method and stuff, but in reality I just combine all the ingredients together in a glass and muddle up the basil leaves in the bottom until I get something that tastes amazing. What I have found for sure is lemonade on its own is too sweet, and soda water on its own is not sweet enough, so a nice combination of the two works just perfectly. This drink is next on my basil cocktail making hit-list... 

5) Sleeping masks. Specifically the one above, although it's actually not as comfortable as my grubby flannel Ecotools one, which is unfortunately white and now covered in the remnants of mascara I was certain I had taken off... Anyway, in Edinburgh in the summer months, the sun rises at almost as early as 4am, and I happen to be seriously lacking in any kind of black out blind, so when the sun forces its way into my bedroom in the morning it is very often pre 5am at this time of year and I do not appreciate it one bit. Sleeping masks have become my summer essentials, if I want anything resembling a good night's sleep or a lie-in or a peaceful hangover. And I very much enjoy how much they make me feel like a diva... or Matilda's mum. (terrifying)


interior inspiration

I've been in my little rented room in my flatshare for nearing two years now, and whilst I love my flat and flatmates around 80% of the time, I'm finding myself itching for a change of scene and a bit more space. Maybe that's why I have a burgeoning interest in all things interiors, and have growing obsessions with roll top baths and Farrow & Ball's 'Drawing Room Blue.'

Below are a few pictures from pinterest that have been amassing on my rapidly expanding 'decor' board... now I just need to find myself a suitably high ceilinged flat, with original wooden flooring, and humongous windows and fill it to the rafters with books! Too much to ask?

^ bar cart is absolutely an essential. I'll fill it with pretty glasses, flowers and weird and wonderful liquors and have you all over for cocktails ASAP!