2015 in pictures

2015 was a great year, as they all tend to be on reflection. I've had others with more travel, more adventure, more ups and downs, but 2015 feels to me to have been the year in which I fully stepped into my 'adult' shoes. It's a terrifying thought, perhaps intensified by my recent birthday, but in 2015 I did lots of 'adulty' things - I bought a flat, I moved in with my boyfriend and I celebrated a year at work, all things which I would normally associate with proper grown ups, and not myself. A little more than three years ago I had plans for grape picking in the south of France for a month and not much more. But here I am, with a mortgage and pension and life insurance and a relationship that prompts people to ask about babies and marriage and other terrifyingly 'grown up' prospects. 

I mean, I'm even using eye cream and subscribed to The Economist.

It's scary how fast it can all happen, but at the same time, it's all absolutely wonderful and I'm ridiculously happy. Bring on 2016! 

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