skin saviours

Winter drags on here in Edinburgh, despite it being the very end of March.

The sun may be up when I'm en route to work now, and the evenings may be lighter, but the wind still whips its chill past my cheeks, chaps my lips and leaves my skin parched and miserable and in need of some TLC.

So, I've been trying to up my hydration game. Not just in terms of adequate water intake, but in skin care and so I thought I would share with you all the lotions and potions I have been slathering all over my beleaguered face of late.

Cetaphil - £10.09 Boots

Not remotely sexy, but cheap, simple and effective. Soothes even the most strung-out, high-maintenance, sensitive skins and gently nurses it back to health. I started using this last year after a particularly nasty bout of flu left my skin covered in dry patches and I just couldn't get it back to normal. My mum - who has about three tubes of this on the go at any one time - recommended I use this for a while and it really did the trick. If you're looking for a truly good, simple moisturiser that will be kind to your skin and won't break the bank, you have to try this out. Mums always know best.

Lucas Papaw Ointment - (various prices on Amazon)

Is there anything that works more effectively for dry lips? I don't think so. (Although please, let me know). Also works a charm on gym callouses, bug bites and new shoe blisters. I'm almost at the end of my current tube and already have another winging its way to me.

Sarah Chapman Eye Cream - £39.50 Space NK

My first serious eye cream purchase, and by serious I clearly mean expensive. It happened shortly before my 25th birthday, when my mortality suddenly dawned on me and I realise I better try and prevent this from showing around my eyes. It's a lovely, light-yet-somehow-rich formula, which feels extremely nourishing and I think, has prevented my dark circles from looking quite so frightful in the morning, as well as ridding me of those teeny tiny fine lines that the kind lady in Space NK said were down to dehydration and not my horribly advanced years.

L'Occitane Comforting Face Oil - £29 L'Occitane

Holy crap this stuff is good. 'Comforting' is the perfect adjective for an oil that almost makes my skin elicit an audible sigh of relief. I've been applying it at night time under my usual moisturiser and waking up to softer, smoother, significantly comforted skin. Smells divine too.

Oskia Microexfoliating Balm - £48 Space NK

It's an exfoliator that feels like a hydrating balm. It's gentle yet ridiculously effective. It will set you back a pretty penny but it feels so luxurious and works so well that you won't even mind. Makes faces feel like baby butt cheeks. Go forth and purchase (but take a deep breath when handing over the plastic).

P.S. I have a new camera that I am figuring out how to use still. Please bear with slightly iffy photo quality in the meantime.