an afternoon at scone

One drizzly afternoon in March, we decided to pop into Scone (pronounced 'Scoooooon') Palace on the way home from a trip to Aberdeenshire. Unfortunately, it has only just come to my attention that I totally failed to take any pictures of the actual palace itself, but, fortunately, we enjoyed ourselves so much that we have decided to go back on a sunnier, warmer, less miserably grey day. So I'll get some sunnier more palace-oriented pictures then. Promise.

Anyway, you can't actually take pictures within the palace itself, as it is still a functioning family home and it is requested that you respect their privacy (despite them charging £11 a head to let you in for a snoop around). 


Palace aside, the grounds are lovely, and we took a nice long stroll around them, marvelling at the size of the pine trees in the 'Pinetum' (great new word) and me desperately trying to spot some kind of squirrel; a task I failed.


Despite the miserable, chilly, grey, drizzly, downright dreich weather, it was really nice to spend a wee bit of time outdoors, amongst so much epic greenery. Edinburgh is hardly a particularly polluted city, but breathing in clean, country air for an afternoon felt a bit like a mini city detox.


Trying to smile through the incessant, cold wall of drizzle.

Seeing the Great Redwoods in California is firmly on my bucket list, so being around such fantastically huge trees was a bit of a treat, and a bit of incentive to keep squirreling away pennies into my 'travel' account.

We managed to have a good stroll for about half an hour, tolerating the incessant drizzle for the pleasure of being outdoors, before the heavens mercilessly opened and soaked us through. But, we left vowing to go back on a nicer day, take a picnic and just chill out for a bit.

I'd definitely recommend Scone as a nice little day out. The palace itself is well worth a visit too, and the history of the place is pretty remarkable (see Stone of Destiny). Definitely one to pop on your to do list if you are ever pottering about Perthshire.