a weekend in copenhagen

We flew in to glorious sunshine, and whiled away the Friday afternoon drinking beer at nyhavn, followed by prosecco on the rooftop. I burnt my chest, and Nicola got tan lines. After a dinner of delicious pizza at  Baest, we crashed into bed, exhausted from the early morning flight, a day full of drinking and an afternoon getting awkwardly reacquainted with the complexities of cycling (or that may just have been me that found that a challenge).

The next day, we woke to miserable weather, and so spent the day cycling from watering hole to watering hole, with a quick hello to the little mermaid, a stop off to see the changing of the guard and a brief browse around the shops. The shopping in Copenhagen is amazing, and a fair bit of my kroner disappeared in the big beautiful department stores, Illum and Magasin.

One of the highlights of the trip was our evening spent at Christiania, where you are not allowed to take pictures, and given the evening we had, that was probably a blessing... After a wobbly cycle home and a late night burger pitstop, our Sunday was remarkably more low key: a cycle around the parliament buildings, some more shopping and the best falafel wraps by Fala Fala (see Sarah and Julia's faces above) at Copenhagen Street Food followed by baileys hot chocolate, red wine and tea (clearly in various states of hangover) at a cafe by the lakes.

After one too many beers at the airport and Sarah nearly missing her flight, we all went our separate ways home. My friends are sprinkled around the UK now, and beyond (hey Peru) but there will always be reunion weekend like these, ones which are a hop skip and an easyjet flight away on the continent, or wine fuelled catch ups in our kitchens in the cities we've chosen to call home. I think I'm practically still recovering from this trip, but, whilst the next trip isn't yet planned, I'm looking forward to it already.