Nashville Photo Diary



People in Nasvhille are so friendly. Country music is so pervasive, that even a non-country fan will end up leaving a country-convert. Expect bachelorettes, whooping and singing along to classic country hits on broadway, 'serious' country and craft beers further from the main drag. There is, bizarrely, a complete replica of the Parthenon, 2344 years younger than the original Greek version, but still pretty old at 119 years. The Civil Rights Room at the public library is well worth an hour of your time, where you'll be slapped in the face with the fact that the 60s really wasn't so long ago, and that America's racism problem so clearly, so sadly lives on. The Country Music Hall of Fame will furnish you with every nugget of country music trivia you could possibly ever need, along with a close up look at Taylor Swift's Romeo & Juliet dress and, more importantly, lots on Cash & Dylan. Head to 12 South for all things gourmet ice cream, craft beers and good, strong, overpriced coffee, and to pose by the I Believe in Nashville sign (NB. photos will not turn out quite so well if your skin is the same colour as the wall)

Nashville, we loved you. We'll be back one day for sure.

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